10 Tried and Tested Outreach Ideas

10 Creative and engaging ways to share the Good News at College.

1. Culture Vulture 1. Culture Vulture

Use special times of the year to share the love of Jesus!

2. Grill A Christian 2. Grill A Christian

Get mates asking their questions with a Grill A Christian panel…

3. Hot Potatoes 3. Hot Potatoes

Great lunchtime events looking at some of the big questions people have with Christianity.

4. Christianity Awareness Week 4. Christianity Awareness Week

How to run a special week of events at your College.

5. Seasonal Sizzlers 5. Seasonal Sizzlers

Sharing Jesus at Christmas and Easter.

6. Questionnaires 6. Questionnaires

How to use questionnaires and surveys to engage with what people believe at your College.

7. Bring on the wall 7. Bring on the wall

Brilliant ideas for running an interactive stall at College.

8. Acoustic set with cocktail bar 8. Acoustic set with cocktail bar

A great event including live music and non-alcoholic cocktails!

9. Arty-Farty 9. Arty-Farty

Ideas on how to use the arts as you share the love of Jesus.

10. Inquirers Course 10. Inquirers Course

How to host an inquirers course for seeking friends.