Ideas, posters and practical help – download these free resources as you work out how to creatively share the love of God at College.

Inter Faith Outreach Labels Inter Faith Outreach Labels

Print off these labels to use during an Interfaith event. Stick them to sweet or bottles and get students thinking about what Christians believe! 

A Guide to Evangelistic Courses A Guide to Evangelistic Courses

There are many amazing courses out there to help you share the gospel. Here are three that we think work really well in an FE & Sixth Form context.

Evangelism - A guide to student surveys questionnaires Evangelism - A guide to student surveys questionnaires

Evangelism is an exciting, daunting, even down right terrifying prospect for most Christians, and 1 to 1 evangelism with people you have never met before can appear almost impossible! For those of us nodding at such a description, surveys and questionnaires will prove a valuable tool for slightly less scary evangelism.

Survey of Student Beliefs Survey of Student Beliefs

An example of a survey about student beliefs that could be used at College.

Christianity Awareness Week Letter Christianity Awareness Week Letter

A sample permission letter for a Christianity Awareness Week!

Christianity Awareness Week Planner Christianity Awareness Week Planner

A helpful tool as you share out jobs and set deadlines!

Why Give Gospels Away? Why Give Gospels Away?

Here's some reasons why you should!

Book A Speaker... Book A Speaker...

It’s sometimes quite hard to find someone who is ready and willing (and has the time) to come and speak at your College/Sixth Form Outreach event. We are delighted to say that Martin is now available to give some of his time as an Evangelist to serving CUs in just that way…

10 Christmas Outreach Ideas 10 Christmas Outreach Ideas HOT!

Tried & Tested ideas that will help you share the love of Jesus at College this Christmas.

Christmas Survey (John version) Christmas Survey (John version)

A fun and interactive way to get students thinking about the reason for the season. Order a bundle of Gospels and festive sweets to give away!