Ideas, posters and practical help – download these free resources as you work out how to creatively share the love of God at College.

Easter Outreach Ideas Easter Outreach Ideas HOT!

Would you like to share the love of Jesus at College this Easter? Check out these tired and tested ideas!

April-June Planner April-June Planner

Find help and support for exam season and ideas to help you stay rooted in Jesus this term

Easter Survey Easter Survey FEATURED

A great way to engage with fellow students about the meaning of Easter - make sure you stock up on edible treats and Gospels to give away!

April-June Blank Planner April-June Blank Planner

Blank term planner for you to fill and complete with your weekly details!

10 Tried And Tested Outreach Ideas 10 Tried And Tested Outreach Ideas HOT!

Creative and engaging ways to share the amazing Gospel at College

7 Peas Crucial for every event! 7 Peas Crucial for every event! HOT!

Pray, Permission, Place To Meet, Publicity, Paying For It All, People & Pray!

Inter Faith Ideas Inter Faith Ideas

Think through how you could take part (or run!) an Interfaith event at College and get some tried and tested ideas!

How To Share Your Story How To Share Your Story

If someone asked you how & why you became a Christian, what would you say? Sharing your story (testimony) of how you came to know Jesus is an amazing way of helping people to find out what it means to follow Him.

Inter Faith - Generic Resource Inter Faith - Generic Resource

Some brilliant ideas for taking part in Inter Faith Week or any Inter Faith event at College!

Guidelines for Inter Faith Dialogue Guidelines for Inter Faith Dialogue

A really helpful document that helps create constructive, meaningful faith discussions.