Book a Speaker for Your Outreach Event

It’s sometimes quite hard to find someone who is ready and willing (and has the time) to come and speak at your College/Sixth Form Outreach event. We are delighted to say that Martin is now available to give some of his time as an Evangelist to serving CUs in just that way…

Martin Povey


Martin has worked with Sixth Form and Further Education College CUs for over 10 years and has spoken at many events and Christianity Awareness Weeks in both colleges and universities. He currently works as an evangelist based in the South East of England and loves to help people see how Jesus is the answer to the longings of peoples’ hearts. He also really enjoys engaging with peoples’ objections to Christianity. He is gifted at answering questions honestly and powerfully. (Not that he would ever say so!) We would highly recommend you booking him up! To learn a bit more about Martin visit:



 How you could use Martin:

  • To consult and help you plan a Christianity Awareness Week.
  • Give short talks at events you are putting on, followed by Q&As (whether it be a big event or a booked-out room where only a couple of people come!).
  • Take part in ‘Grill-a-Christian’ panels.

To give you a flavour, here are some titles Martin has spoken on at CU outreach events before:

  • Religions – Don’t all religions lead to God?
  • Suffering – Why does a God of love allow suffering?
  • Bible – Can you trust the Bible?
  • Truth – Aren’t Christians arrogant?
  • Freedom – Doesn’t Christianity restrict you?
  • Sex – Does God hate sex?
  • God – Does God exist?
  • Identity – Who am I?
  • Valentine’s Day – What is love?
  • Christmas – What’s it all about?
  • Easter – Myth or Miracle?
  • Halloween – Christianity: Trick or Treat?

If you would like to book Martin for any of the above or something similar, just get in touch with Festive at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are some testimonies of people who’ve heard Martin speak:

Student Testimony

“Martin's talk on suffering at our college was really helpful! He was great at putting across a strong case for God’s bigger plan and God’s answer to the world’s suffering through Jesus, and provoking non-Christians to ask themselves what they really believe. A really nice guy too!”
Joe (CU Leader at Varndean Sixth Form College)

YouthWorker Testimony

Martin is extremely gifted in presenting the gospel in a culturally relevant manner to unbelievers. He is a thought-through apologist and is superb at answering questions. He does this with gentleness and respect. I would, without reservation, recommend him for any evangelistic event you may be planning.
James Pinto (Head of Sussex Youthworks and Youth Minister)

Student Testimony

“We asked Martin to come and do a talk on suffering in our CU. We feel he spoke clearly and covered some very tough questions. There was a good response from the entire CU and they enjoyed the chance for a question and answer session, engaging with both Christian and non-Christian students.”
Lloyd and Hannah (CU Leaders at Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College, Northwich)

YouthWorker Testimony

Martin is a fun, down to earth guy who loves Jesus, loves people, and loves telling people about Jesus.  I think God has especially gifted him with the crucial ministry of drawing alongside non Christians and ministering to them.  It's great having a Christian guy around who loves guy stuff (like footy and curry!) yet wants nothing more than to see people enter the Kingdom.
Rich Arnold (Youth and Families Minister, Holy Cross)